Year-End Update/Gladstone Party!

Thank Heavens;

I always think new year’s is at the wrong time of year; new year’s should be at my year end because that’s a better reason to celebrate.  At least this year is.

For this last six months we put our heads down; made lots of cheese; worked super hard at markets; drove that 401 6 days a week;  and ended up in the black.  But just; believe it or not by $563 dollars.

Now some of that feels a bit like a cheat as we did it by bringing up our cheese inventory so we have stuff to sell and that makesthings look perhaps better than they actually are;  but next we need to get onto sales and that’s the next 6 month’s work.  So we will put our heads down; make lots of cheese; visit lots of restaurants; go to lots of events and sell; sell; sell.  As the banks say; your numbers look better but your cash flow sucks.

But first we think we should have some kind of party and celebrate and keep up with our CSA again.

So come to the Gladstone this Sunday to taste; buy a beer or a glass of wine; eat some truly lovely snacks and if you wish help us out by resubscribing, or twisting arms of friends who haven’t subscribed yet.

And spend those vouchers; there will be lots of cheese to buy; and Steve there to sell it to you. (we’ll also take cash if you are out of vouchers.)  p.s. we won two ribbons at the Royal Winter Fair this year.

But the most important thing for you to hear is that this has onlybeen possible because of you.  Market sales were up this year, and there has been so much support for Monforte that some days I feel weak in the knees.

So come to the Gladstone; Sunday November 10th  between 10 and 4.  I’m not sure how good a mom I actually am or was, but I did teach my kids how to throw a good party. All three sons and partners will be there ready to give you hugs, cheese to eat, silly games to play, art installations to be part of, and a huge thank you for being part of us.

All you’re going to get from me is a bloody carrot.

See you Sunday I hope.

Fondly; Ruth

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