Our Cheeses

While we do our best to keep this list up to date as possible, please note it is subject to change. Inquire with monfortedariytoronto@gmail.com for the most up to date listings.


July 3rd 2018



Goats Milk Cream Cheeses: 
  • Chevre: 250g/1kg: Our chevre has returned after the long winter. Creamy and tangy.
  • Elsie: 250g: Add chevre and pesto together for a verdant cream cheese. Our pesto contains no nuts.
  • Lemon Succor : 250g: Chevre with lemon zest and oil

    • Fresco: 250g Fresh, unpressed, goat cheese. Subtle, wholesome and great for cooking purposes. Try melting this on pizzas and baked pastas!
    • Goat Feta: 300g/1kg Our feta is right in the middle. Medium dryness, medium salt
    • Clobbered Goat Yogurt: 500ml  Our goat yogurt is tangy and thick with little clumps of denser yogurt.
    • Water Buffalo Halloumi: 1-2kg This week our halloumi is made from water buffalo milk but equally delicious as our goat. We're also making two formats... rounds and squares. The squares are limited in number so first come first serve.


    • Mary Jane: 1.2kg. This surface ripened water buffalo cheese is coated with Basil, Parsley, Oregano and herbs de provance.
    • Peppato: 1.2kg wheels. Coated in cracked black pepper and olive oil the water buffalo peppato is a touch spicy with some citrus notes from the pepper. 
    • Big Momma: 1.4kg rounds. Think of it like a water buffalo double layer birthday cake with ash and a blooming white rind.
    • Little Prince: Soft Aged Goat Cheese with Ash: 170g rounds.Truly gorgeous and elegant; the definition of a table cheese.
    • Golden Child: .8kg rounds/1.5kg blocks. Our creamy and beautiful taleggio is back! Washed in whey, the texture is lovely and the flavors slightly yeasty.


    • Cow Tomme: 1.5kg round. This cheese reminds me of a younger toscano with buttery notes of cow's milk. The paste is a beautiful yellow and quite soft.
    • Goat Tomme: 1.6kg round. The goat tomme is a drier version of our cow. White paste with more acidity. Quite young at four months but with a nice long flavor.
    • Hodge Podge: 1.6 round. This particular batch of hodgepodge is a bit different. It's a sheep and water buffalo mix but it lacks peppercorns so it's much like a tomme!
    • Fuego: 2kg rounds. Our two month old fuego has the start of a rind and a orange paste. A bit smokey, a bit spicy and it melts beautifully! 


    For Wholesale Inquiries, contact:
    monfortedairyorders@gmail.com (Daniel)