Shipping Fees

We are a small, artisanal dairy and want to stay that way.  We like selling direct and much of that is selfish.  We like the relationships we develop at markets and this model gives us flexibility to work with milk seasonally, and sell cheese with spontaneity and creativity and at its best.

We do need to grow our business but want to do that in the right way for us and our farmers. The thing that makes the most sense for us are new direct sales; both through the farm store and also with online sales so we have been working on how to use this platform.

We have always tried to be as fair as we can with our pricing; and as transparent as we can about our costs. So here is the logic behind our pricing of the cheeses. Our retail price is $50 per kg for most of our cheeses. That allows us to run the 30/30/30/10 formula that works for restaurants and means we can pay our staff living wages and our farmers as well. When we ship we only add the hard costs of shipping and the cooler on to the bill. We know this puts the price up to about $80 per kg and we would so love to find another way of doing this but it seems the best answer right now; that said if you compare buying direct from us as opposed to buying from a retailer the price is still lower then it would be in any store and we will pick the best we have to send you. We truly hope this makes sense of the costing structure but another issue for us is the use of Styrofoam containers and ice packs; if anyone can suggest a more responsible form of packaging we would be so thrilled.