40 days and 40 nights

Good, good afternoon!

And for us as well. It could perhaps be the end of a long long process.

Yesterday for the first time since early May we were able to pasteurize and make cheese and actually have something fresh to take to market this weekend.

When we finally got milk into the vats, I called my middle son, Ben (the wise one), and asked him the significance of 40, both historically and from a religious perspective.

The response was pretty typical: "Ohhh, mom," with a sigh. Which generally means I am off on some tangent that will tie up a bunch of time and perhaps not be relevant.

That said, it would seem that the significance is that of a long process that feels like a test or trial. I need to talk to Dr. Larry about superego and whether I am imposing my need for struggle on the dairy. I hope not, as I am truly trying to change that behaviour. But goodness it has been quite the long haul.

When I put my head back up and think about how much I love doing markets and the intimacy and friendship of that form of commerce I am so grateful.

Hope we see you soon and I truly hope you are well, during your journey in these times.

Fondly, Ruth


Photo Credit: Terry Manzo (@tmanzophoto) www.terrymanzo.com

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