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Hey There Folks!
Hope you've had a good week. Thanks again for heading to this list for your weekly update (19/11/08-19/11/14). We're throwing a big party at the Gladstone on this coming Sunday Nov 10 from 10am-4pm with tons of cheese to sample and buy, so please drop by if there's a cheese you wanna try but haven't had a chance to. Thanks again for all of your patience and support! 
-Steve (Lead Cheesemaker) 
Our Lactic Spreadables 

Fromage Frais: 250g/1kg ($5/$16) a creamy cow cream cheese in a french style but can easily be adapted to your menu (a creamy buttery canvas to be explored!) 

Plain Jane: (formally Chevre) 250g/1kg ($7/$25) Our Classic lactic Chevre, creamy and tangy, hooped and hung in a traditional way. 

Lemon Succor: 250g ($7) Our chevre but with lemon oil and zest.

Elsie: 250g ($7) Our chevre with a tangy nut free pesto added.
Morita: 250g ($7) Chevre with chipotles and lime together for sneaky heat! (nice and smokey as well)  
Fresh Unpressed Cheese

Water Buffalo or Goat Fresco: 250g ($30kg) Fresh, unpressed, pure and beautiful, softish texture. 

Fry It!
Halloumi from Water buffalo; 1.2kg wheels. $40/kg - perfect for frying or grilling. 
Our Yogurts 

Clobbered Goat Yogurt: 500ml/1lt ($7/$12) Thick and creamy with chunks of thicker yogurt added in.
Tart: (formally Water Buffalo Yogurt) 500ml/1lt ($6/10) Pretty solid fat cap on this 8% well balanced full fat yogurt .   

Dry and Crumbly

Etafay: (formally Goat Feta) 300g/1kg ($10/32) Tangy,Crumbly, tastefully Salty. 

Here are our SOFT CHEESES (All surface ripened cheeses are $40kg)

Our Washed Rind Cheese

Golden Child: 1-1.6kg round. a cow's milk taleggio, washed with whey, the rind has a beautiful yeasty flavor. The paste is creamy and supple and melts beautifully. If you see any yellow or red bites its cause we added Saffron as well! 

Our Surface Ripened With White Mold 

Savoir Faire: (formally Torta) (Royal Winter Fair Winner!)  200g -250g rounds. a cows milk Camembert, pillowy rind, buttery center, classy and elegant . 

Billy: (formally Goat Camembert) 220-275g rounds with a natural fuzzy penicillin rind, a tangy goat goddess.
Matilda in the Buff: 200g rounds; our Waltzing Matilda but without the ash, get it... in the buff. 
Rose D'amour: 1kg round. Our surface ripened Water Buffalo Cheese with Pink Peppercorns  

Surfaced Ripened with Ash 

Gruff: (formally Little Kid) 200-250g rounds, our ashed goat cheese in the Selles sur Cher style. 

Waltzing Matilda: 200g rounds; our classic ashed Water Buffalo Selles sur Cher style. 
Big Momma- 1.6kg - our Ashed Water Buffalo Double Decker Goddess!    

Water Buffalo Piacere: 1.2kg round. A water buffalo surface ripened cheese with Rosemary,Summer Savory and Chili flakes aged in our wild room so it gets awesome blue and green molds as well.


Mary Jane: 1.2kg round. a surface ripened Water Buffalo Cheese with Basil , parsley and oregano . 

AGED CHEESES (All aged cheeses are $40kg)
Mountain Style Cheese
Cow Abondance - 2.1kg/5kg- Natural Rind, high moisture (ie creamy) , nutty and buttery. 

In a Cheddar Style 

Providence: 2.5kg Brick. Our cow Saler is creamy, young and delicious, this Providence cuts and melts beautifully. 
Purgatory (formally Goat Cheddar) : 2.5kg Brick. With slightly different cultures than our providence , our Purgatory  is sweet, great texture, melts, does what you want. 

Our Tommes 
Emmot (formally Goat Tomme): 1.6kg round. Our natural rind goat tomme is a drier version of our cow. White paste with more acidity (sharp and earthy)  

HodgePodge: 1.6kg round. This batch has cracked peppercorns, this mixed milk Tomme is made from Goat and Water Buffalo milk!

Tomme Forte: 1.6kg round. This version of tomme is water buffalo and our oldest cheese on offer at the moment. Nutty and complex, perfectly aged 
Amos: (formally Cow Tomme) 1.6kg round(Royal Winter Fair First Place!) Our natural rind cow tomme is a nice balance of tangy and sweet with a creamy paste (a sleeper hit! its really underrated friends)  

Aged Water Buffalo with flavor add on 

Nocino (formally Fontina) 1.6kg rounds. Great rind, nutty notes from the Fenugreek.

In the Mimmolette Style 

Cow Memelette ; 1.9kg/5kg- vibrant orange from the annatto, our version of the french classic.
Water Buffalo  Memelette 1.9kg/5kg wheels- vibrant orange from the annatto, this aged Water Buffalo Cheese is our version of the french classic.   
The Blues
Little Boy Blue; 1.6kg goat blue; hand salted and hand pierced, a lovely unpressed traditional blue, high moisture, low acid.
Orders are being delivered Fridays into Toronto and every other week in Niagara . 

Thanks for everything and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at the dairy! 

From everyone at Monforte

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