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  • Food and Community

    My favourite memories were of eating at my Oma's house on Saturday nights with a pack of people. Curry and rice was common, as well as lots of Mennonite cooking. I have always remembered how much pleasure it gave everyone - it was a great end to a week.
  • Thanks to our Friends in Hospitality

    Let me start with a huge thank you and gratefulness for all the support and especially a big shout out to all the folks at St Lawrence Market for  showing up to buy cheese; forgiving us so graciously for not having been there and just generally being the nicest of folks. Truly we appreciate it more then we can say.
  • Croqueta Recipe by Momofuku Toronto

    This recipe is a beautiful collaboration between the talented chef at Momofuku Toronto and Monforte Dairy's cheese. The end product looks fancy but...
  • Adventures with Pastry

    Kathy is new to the Monforte Dairy team, so she has the privilege of expanding her knowledge about all things to do with the dairy.

    This week, Kathy brought home butter. Her big goal was to try to tackle pastry.

  • Reflecting on the Week that Was

    I hope that for each of us and not just for me, there is a remembering of something that absolutely terrified us when we were young.

    There were a few instances for me but the one I was thinking of this morning was being on a trail ride and desperately in love (and to this day) with horses...

  • The Vibe

    Recently Ruth told a story about how she got inspired to begin making cheese and I have been pondering it as I relish Monforte's return to @TheMarketWFD. I will let Ruth tell that story, but the crux of it was that the VIBE of a market really called to her, and I totally feel it.

    Market customers are so special.
  • 40 days and 40 nights

    Yesterday for the first time since early May we were able to pasteurize and make cheese and actually have something fresh to take to market this weekend.

    When we finally got milk into the vats, I called my middle son, Ben (the wise one), and asked him the significance of 40, both historically and from a religious perspective.

  • Have an opinion? We hope so!

    Dear All,Not sure about you, but one of the things I miss the most during this period is the ability to make spontaneous decisions. Just the sillin...
  • Cheese in the Time of Covid (Or, Why Your Cheese May Be a Little Late This Week)

    Little things have gigantic impacts. It is, after all, just a bunch of tiny bacteria that transform milk into cheese, or as Clifton Fadiman famously suggested, hastens “milk’s leap toward immortality.” So, as cheesemakers, we spend most of our time celebrating those little bugs. We watch them carefully. Too few and the product is uninteresting, or somehow doesn’t seem itself. Too many—or the wrong ones—and the product is taken over, it becomes offensive or even harmful. But most of the time, it’s a magical process.
  • Letter From Ruth

    Dear All; What strange times we are in. Part of life being this strange is the not being sure what to say, or how to communicate, or what the futur...
  • Elderflower August / Concord Grape & Bramble-Berry September

    It's September and we'll be planting something new this month as a big thank-you to those who've already subscribed to our 2019 CSA. Don't worry, t...
  • New Faces & New Names

    Folks, If you're reading this on our website or an app you've likely noticed that Monforte's online personality has upped its game. With this n...