Time with Friends and an Update on the New Shipping

For the first time in a very long time it felt as if my world was righting itself this past week.

I had the opportunity to visit my best friend for a couple of days and it was as though no time had passed even though it had been a full two years.  We had both bought our border collies who acted as though they had been best friends forever as well.  After having had a good, but slightly weird, thanksgiving dim sum with two of my kids outside at the dairy, this company and friendship felt a little as if life was returning to some kind of normal.

But that said, the world at Monforte is not yet returned to normal and as most markets are finishing we are hoping to increase sales this winter using a new delivery service with Erb Transport from New Hamburg.  Such a good and honourable company to work with and they are doing door-to-door refrigerated deliveries for us starting next week.

If you check out the website under retail sales we will ship you any products, in whatever compilation you wish, at any of the areas and or postal codes listed on the map.  No more being autocratic; though you can still buy that option.  The refrigerated shipping opens up all kinds of potential and the $20 delivery fee helps make it affordable for you to select whatever you wish to purchase.

We are hoping it would be okay to split the delivery cost - we would pay $10 and you as a purchaser would pay $10 and we ask for a minimum order of $50. I’m hoping that feels fair for all of us.

We have lots of new and exciting options getting started in the kitchen and think the potential of this service will be the next evolution for all of us and we thank you in advance for having been there for us and the world through this last period of time.

What an opportunity this could be for us to rethink the world and our relationship with it.

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