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  • The Big Rethink

    "The second thing one should do is call your accountant to ask; how much cheese do I need to sell per year to be able to live a decent life; fulfill my responsibilities and be better at being a human being. And he said..."
  • How to keep warm (with cheese!) this February!

    Keep your loved ones close, and your supply chain short!
  • In Case You Missed It

    Here is the recipe we gave away for the Thanksgiving long-weekend. Baked Apples & Fresco 4 Monforte apples, cored, peeled and sliced2tbsp of bu...
  • Beer & Cheese Pairing Night (At Home)

    It’s a takeover!! On Saturday, September 11, Monforte Dairy will take over at The Pantry Cheese! Six of Monforte cheeses will be perfectly paired w...
  • We've got a podcast!

    That's right - we have one. In our first episode, we tackle questions such as: How did Jessie come to be the chef for our food truck?Why artisanal ...
  • .... and They've Sold Out!

    We have sold out of the wheels of our Piacere, Big Mama and and Rose Damour.  Your continued support for us is humbling. We look forward to seeing ...
  • We've Got a Deal for You!

    We have:

    • 59 whole wheels of Piacere.
    • 10 whole wheels of Big Mama and 
    • 16 whole wheels of Rose Damour

    They need to go to a shin dig this weekend!

  • The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

    As most of you know, it has been tricky getting the farm up and going. I think my hubris was that I believed that if I pay someone to work and create something then that would just happen but it seems not so easily. I believe that what I messed up was the need for community, structure and support for those people and for not having that set up I am truly sorry.
  • Food and Community

    My favourite memories were of eating at my Oma's house on Saturday nights with a pack of people. Curry and rice was common, as well as lots of Mennonite cooking. I have always remembered how much pleasure it gave everyone - it was a great end to a week.
  • Thanks to our Friends in Hospitality

    Let me start with a huge thank you and gratefulness for all the support and especially a big shout out to all the folks at St Lawrence Market for  showing up to buy cheese; forgiving us so graciously for not having been there and just generally being the nicest of folks. Truly we appreciate it more then we can say.
  • Reflecting on the Week that Was

    I hope that for each of us and not just for me, there is a remembering of something that absolutely terrified us when we were young.

    There were a few instances for me but the one I was thinking of this morning was being on a trail ride and desperately in love (and to this day) with horses...

  • The Vibe

    Recently Ruth told a story about how she got inspired to begin making cheese and I have been pondering it as I relish Monforte's return to @TheMarketWFD. I will let Ruth tell that story, but the crux of it was that the VIBE of a market really called to her, and I totally feel it.

    Market customers are so special.