We've Got a Deal for You!

Dear Monforte hedonists;

You have been gracious with our soft cheeses over the last two weeks and  have taken our super soft delights home to eat; enjoying them with a glass or a bottle of rose and the Olympics or the opera (or whatever gives you pleasure).

I thank you! It saved them from the landfill and hopefully covered the milk bills. But now, we have one more opportunity for you to help us out, if you please.

We have:

  • 59 whole wheels of Piacere.
  • 10 whole wheels of Big Mama and 
  • 16 whole wheels of Rose Damour

They need to go to a shin dig this weekend!

Here is the deal: if you have any use for a wheel and want to pay what you can, no questions asked, and want us to reserve that wheel for you please send me an email at ruth@monfortedairy.com with your name, the market you will pick the wheel up from and approximate time you will be there - then we will keep it for you.

The only condition is that you get enormous pleasure from the process.

But my favourite financial advisor customer would want you to know that the retail value of these cheeses, when perfect, is a little over $60 (so we hope you'd consider, perhaps half of that value, or honestly whatever you can).

Be well. Thank you for helping us out this week.

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