Thanks to our Friends in Hospitality

Oh my goodness I want to get defensive but ...

Let me start with a huge thank you and gratefulness for all the support and especially a big shout out to all the folks at St Lawrence Market for  showing up to buy cheese; forgiving us so graciously for not having been there and just generally being the nicest of folks. Truly we appreciate it more then we can say.

But I also hear lots of questions about where is the Waltzing Matilda; or the Teleggio or the Blue and that’s where the defensiveness wants to show itself. So instead it gave me pause to try and rethink the place we are in and what we can actually do about it.

The truth is the Saturday afternoon at the opera is useful on the way home from market for contemplation.

 We have survived the pandemic and have tried to keep as close as we can to paying the bills on time but it has certainly been a snug little year cash wise. Truth be told we just don’t have money to buy as much milk as I wish.  So as a business I believe our opportunities to dig our way out of this hole is by diversifying things we can produce in our lovely new kitchen quickly and easily that can perhaps increase sales of other options, so next week this girl is going back into chefs whites to start to make crackers; and whey drinks and cajita and chutneys and whatever else we can to sell at market that work with cheese. 

I still remember Bill Hutt telling me pretty vehemently that no matter what craft we do our job is to sell our “shit”.  And most days I think of Bill at over 80 still performing Lear and giving it everything he had; and always being a crusty old bugger with a twinkle in his eye as he stole the apprentice’s lunch.

So if you have thoughts on things that would go with the cheese we do have and would give you a fuller Monforte experience and not step on other producers toes please let me know and thanks for all.

Hopefully see you Saturday; fondly; Ruth

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  • Love your cheese; although, i myself have not tried every cheese you produce. I’ve never experienced a headache from eating Monforte cheese… but, over the years have experience excruciating head pain from eating cheese made with artificial rennet. p.s. love Monforte buffalo ice cream, enjoyed it in the city of Stratford, Ontario.

    may delory

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