The Vibe

Recently Ruth told a story about how she got inspired to begin making cheese and I have been pondering it as I relish Monforte's return to @TheMarketWFD. I will let Ruth tell that story, but the crux of it was that the VIBE of a market really called to her, and I totally feel it.

Market customers are so special.

There are the regulars who can be relied upon each week to not only stock up on their prized essentials but to share a word, a smile, a few moments of chat.

There are the explorers who are on the hunt for that magical ingredient to transform their next dish or gift.

There are the browsers who, especially now, are here for an outing to meet up with loved ones and spend a few moments together to just wander around and soak up the VIBE.

Market vendors are special too.

A gathering of artisans who have poured their heart and soul into their wares, proudly presenting them to a thoughtful, engaged audience who value and appreciate their efforts.

Answering questions, sharing tips, recipes, education and kind words are part of every sale.

Vendors also develop a sense of community within the market. They help each other, chat with each other, watch each other's back, direct customers to other vendors for a cross-sale.

This closeness and shared hard work and support all blend together to contribute to the VIBE.

You can't find the VIBE in a big box plaza.

It doesn't appear in your regular trip to the store.

You may be able to find pieces of it in a specialty market or a small town grocery store.

The key element that creates the VIBE is that intangible mix of people who truly care about the products available for sale.

Markets provide a venue for small businesses to present local, organic, handmade products to customers who seek out and truly appreciate their wares.

Come on down to the market and experience the VIBE.

Stop by our Monforte booth and learn about Ruth's fabulous cheeses. Maybe get some tips on how to use them. Most of all, soak in that market experience.
That VIBE.

Only available at a market near you.

Check out all the great market locations where Monforte is available HERE!
Photo Credit: Terry Manzo (@tmanzophoto)

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