Catching Up

Hello all!

This post should really start with a thank you to you; all of our customers who make Monforte possible. As many of you know, we are just coming to the end of an incredibly busy market season, especially so for Ruth who has been driving in and out of Toronto 6 days a week (at least) to make deliveries and sell at markets. Understandably, all of us here at Monforte have some catching up to do; whether it be on paperwork, on cheese inventory, on sleep, or even with family. So the week of Thanksgiving, October 10-16th, we will not be fulfilling any orders. We will resume the next week on Monday October 17th. We thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. We wish a everyone a restful thanksgiving full of good food, and good people. 

The Monforte Team 

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