October was a fully packed month!

Mary says it was the full moon and new staff; so lots of screw ups and learning. Did you know that if you rush cheese and don’t let it have its time, it's going to fight back? Expensive but important lessons to learn for a new cheesemakers.


We are once again offering whole wheels of Piacere or Big Mamma for $35 but please know they are ripe and ready for a party.


As a hedonist, I would listen to the Magic Flute on CBC Radio 2, or watch the Buffalo Bills play the Jaguars on Sunday afternoon (or Antiques Road Show Saturday evening after market) and open a bottle of rose while enjoying either cheese. 

  • Mary says for her that it would be the wood stove, Drambuie, and a good book.
  • Laural would gather with lots of friends, some wine and the firepit during the first snow.
  • Kendrick wants the kids in bed, something to smoke and Netflix on the TV.
  • Dee says just simple - lots of wine and toast and kids.
  • Jessee would prefer Hockey Night in Canada, a cold beer and a charcuterie with it.
  • And lastly Ashley would bake apple bread and watch Disney movies with all four kids.

This opportunity for you will also give us a chance to test out our new Erbs delivery model for next week. Or you can come pick up at the Dairy, Jefferson, Whychwood or Brickworks markets on the 13th of November.

Supplies are limited – but there lots of other really good cheeses to try while you are at it! Order online today!

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