A Common Question

If there's one question I get asked about Monforte on a regular basis it's this...

"Where can we buy your cheese?"

Though we started our company with markets in mind sometimes the schedules don't work and the idea of having a permanent retail location is a good fix for everyone, especially during the long winter months when the schedule of farmers markets are almost as bare as our beleaguered pantries.

Fear not! We've got you covered.

For those of you who have been following us you'll know we've always had hopes Liberty Village would be more for Monforte than a place to simply prep and pack for our summer markets. The store on Jefferson has been home for years now but we've never quite decided what is best for the space. Over the last year we've teamed up with Evelyns Crackers who have moved in with their production.

The store is a collaboration and will offer Don and Ed's delicious baking along with both our cheeses and the new products you'll start seeing created from the fertile minds of Ruth and our new manager Marc. The best part is that the price you pay at the store is the same you'll find at our markets. Direct sales! Plus, there is something comforting about the warm smell of baked goods that pair beautifully with our own products.

The second option in Liberty Village is Brodflour. Ronnen Harary and Dara Gallinger opened up their new field to table bakery late last year and Ruth has been in love with their bread ever since. We began by selling them fresh cheeses for their takeout menu and later moved on to having a small fridge offering Monforte products to take home as well. For anyone who hasn't tried one of their sandwiches or freshly baked loaves of bread, please stop by. You won't regret it!

Finally, if you venture to Stratford we're pleased to announce that we'll be selling our cheese at Soup Surreal. Derek and Ashley have been making a name for themselves and their soups sold both fresh and frozen. Our little fridge will be there stocked daily with the best we have to offer and best of all you can use your vouchers for the cheese!

As events unfold we'll go into more detail about all of these adventures but to get you started we've included some information about hours, address and all the nitty gritty things to make going there practical.

 Don't forget, you can always catch us at a Farmer's Market as well! For a full list of markets we plan to attend this summer visit the 'Where to Find Us' tab or click this link. 



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Brod Flour Inc.

Mon - Fri

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sat - Sun

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


8 Pardee Ave, Toronto ON M6K 3H5



Soup Surreal

Tue - Fri

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


11:00 AM - 4:00 PM


98 Wellington St, Stratford ON N5A 2L2


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