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    It's official! Monforte is opening up our Community Shared Agriculture (C.S.A.)  and we're all pretty excited about the possibilities! For those of you who have already subscribed the idea is old hat but each time we offer the program there's a different goal in mind and this time is no different. But before we get too far in with details we thought it was a good time to look back and talk about what the CSA means to us as a company and why it remains so important.

    You wouldn't be wrong or cynical to think that the influx of cash helps us profoundly as a company. It's in fact how Monforte starts to fund larger scale adventures like the Home Farm. But on a personal level it has a totally different significance. Almost every person who subscribes to our company visits us at markets and that's what we'd really like to talk about today.

    Nearly every employee at Monforte works a market selling cheese. It's been a company mandate from the start and if you've ever been to a job interview with us Ruth will always make a point of talking about it. The idea isn't just about sales. It's about relationships, and responsibilities to all you folk who have been so committed to us over the years.

    Our favourite part about farmers markets are the connections we make with our customers. By selling at market we've be privy to all the wonderful things happening in your lives. We've seen families start and grow. Couples get married and sometimes divorced. We seen kids we've know since they were just babies grow up, go to school and then off to college. We've even agonized over the loss of your partners and loved ones.

    In a social setting none of these things are particularly unique, that's what a society is. But over the years we can't help but notice a shift. A disconnect that feels different. Everyone is busier, their attentions divided and distracted. It might seem like we're waxing nostalgic about farmers markets but in all honesty we consider our position a privilege.

    In a world where you can buy everything online including groceries and where for the first time never leaving your home is a real possibility the idea of farmers markets and the relationships behind them become more and more important. There's something untouched about that Saturday morning tradition.

    To us, the CSA isn't just about raising money. It's about relationships. We're accountable to you as customers and friends. It's a privilege that once used to be common place and is becoming harder and harder to find in the world around us.

    So. Thank you all, for the support over the years, for all the cheese you've bought and all the conversations we've had. We truly couldn't do this without you.

    But to be honest... we wouldn't want to either.

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    Barry Lipton

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