Elderflower August / Concord Grape & Bramble-Berry September

It's September and we'll be planting something new this month as a big thank-you to those who've already subscribed to our 2019 CSA. Don't worry, the program will be open until December but we thought we'd give everyone an update and a round of applause in the meantime. In July we raised $35k which is amazing and we can't begin to tell you how much it helps us as a company, both financially and emotionally to receive that kind of support. We've already started putting the money to work!
We've also decided on a show of gratitude for each subscription we receive. Last time we offered "The One Night Stand" for our $500 and $1000 partners (which is still valid!) but for 2019 we'll be planting an elderflower bush around the edge of the farm for each and every subscription we receive. Ruth has already started her brain working on what to do with all those elderflowers but I promise you, it almost certainly involves fermentation.
For the month of September we will be planting Concord grape vines & Brambleberry bushes for each subscriber! If you thought Home Farm was beautiful before, wait till you see it in bloom next year.
Thanks again for all the support and we'll be in touch soon!
P.S. we will be planting Tiger Lilies for each of the $500 and $1000 subscribers from July! 

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