Letter From Ruth

Dear All; What strange times we are in. Part of life being this strange is the not being sure what to say, or how to communicate, or what the future looks like for anyone, let alone us at Monforte. I think that part of being an entrepreneur is the ability to “scheme,” or at least think your way out of corners and tricky spots and do that by being creative and flexible, and all those words that got you in trouble with your mom when she asked where you have been and what you had been doing. The problem is I just don’t truly know what to say about the future of Monforte at this point. I can’t even imagine what it is as the world seems so uncertain and unsettled. There are lots of things that we want to try; we are turning the front of the dairy back into a store and production facility and café so that we can increase our depth of products and ability to sell locally. And also just spend time with people. The farm is ready for groups of up to 8 or 10 for cooking classes and dinners. The food truck at the farm will be open next spring and hopefully cider ready at the same time. It would seem that since markets are winding down and looking hesitant about winter schedules perhaps we can increase sales by varying our scope of products for delivery. Back to grab bags, cajeta, dolce de leche, whey drinks; preserves; rillettes etc etc . But we could surely use your input. How can we help you? What are your needs in this time? Or do you need us? The Government has done things that helped to keep us viable for the last six months and we thank them, but as the next six months commence it would seem that support will greatly diminish and so we need to increase sales substantially in order to stay viable. That said; there is enough equity in the company that if push came to shove we could sell everything off and service all the debt, or as an accountant friend said we could manage our exit. But oddly enough I am not tired, just confused. I still would like to work at doing and being better and not letting this pandemic be the end of us. But it would surely help to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please email; Ruth@monfortedairy.com

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