Monforte and it’s New Soap Box Project

It’s official, Spring has arrived. The warm and breezy days of April aren’t just welcome, they bring the opening of our white aging room. Spring also means that we take a breath after the long slow winter and get excited about the coming year. That means projects and Monforte Dairy loves nothing more than a good project!

Throughout the Winter our new manager Marc, Ruth, and the rest of the dairy crew have been dreaming up new and exciting ventures. Some of these are based on necessity, others are just a natural progression of the company. A few are just wild plans for another day. Whatever the case, Ruth has always had a vision of what she wants Monforte to be both as a company and as a part of the community around it. This year, more than any before you’ll start seeing changes within the company and the delicious things we sell. Some of those changes will be immediate while others will take time to grow but I don’t think I’ve seen my mother quite as excited at the start of a new year.

Each week I’ll use this forum to talk about the issues that are important to us as a company and also to keep you all connected with all the exciting news that will result. Ruth has given me the chance to spend a few hours keeping all of you involved and, fingers crossed, engaged with both the routine choices we make and adventures we have planned for a little artisanal dairy in Perth County.

After talking to both our own community and a few people who’ve been down this road before we’re realized there’s always been an interest from you about the things we do and the inner workings of how we go about them. I’ve realized after being away from the company for a few months that so often I had just assumed that our inner workings weren’t terribly interesting but the response we’ve had from out subscribers, customers and friends has been so positive we’ve decided to double down and make this type of communication a regular thing. That, in and of itself will be the first change of the year.

As a result, this weekly newsletter will attempt to go in depth on all the things that make us interesting and unique as a company as well as news about our dreams and plans. Ruth has already set me up with five of six topics but instead of writing a single sprawling post that would read as densely as classic Russian literature I’ve decided to make things a bit more episodic. As a man who’s neither read nor written too many things in the blogosphere I am admittedly new to this type of narrative so feedback is always welcome. We wouldn't be where we are without the dedicated following who’ve remained so incredibly loyal.

Monforte has always had its ups and downs and this year won’t be any different but it will be exciting, perhaps more than most years given what we’ve got planned. Maybe that’s because I’ve been more like you folk, looking in on the company instead of actively being a part of it but I think that new perspective will help us convey the ups and downs of Monforte in 2019.

So! For as long as you’re all interested in our inner workings I’ll keep writing about them. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know if there’s something you’re particularly interesting in knowing more about and we’ll get you covered. Heck, I’d even be happy treating this like a Emily Post Etiquette weekly except with less Emily Post and etiquette and more conversations about fermented milk and captivating little secrets that make Monforte so interesting.

But maybe just a little but of etiquette too.


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