New Faces & New Names

If you're reading this on our website or an app you've likely noticed that Monforte's online personality has upped its game. With this new and improved soapbox, we thought it was the ideal place to introduce two new employees who have started helping us in really exciting ways.
First on the list is the person himself who jazzed up our social media and website. With a round of applause, we'd like to ask Sean to stand up. His deft hand and technological know-how have taken Monforte's position on the interweb to another level. Clearly, this was necessary since some of the staff (yours truly) use terms like "Interweb". Apart from the savvy web design, Facebook posts, and slick social media, Sean is just a wonderful person to be around. If you won't take our word for it and want proof you can find him at the shop on 125 Jefferson Ave. Wednesday to Friday, 10am-4pm, and ask him to make you Liberty Village's best grilled cheese sandwich. Have a look at our revamped website for all the relevant Monforte locations, hours, and markets where we sell cheese.

Secondly, meet Jolien! From what we've seen so far, Jolien will be amazing at handling our direct sales to restaurants and retail stores in the big smoke known as Toronto. Better yet, she lives in the city making it altogether easier for her to stop by and visit and have a chat. She'll be the person you chefs, proprietors, and all-around cheese lovers will be schmoozing with and your point of contact with the dairy. Don't worry, Ruth is still in Toronto five days of the week and always available at markets for questions about cheese or intense geopolitical debates. Mention Trump. I dare you.
Finally, in equally exciting news, Monforte is officially rolling out names for all the cheeses cheese that had once been known only by their generic title. Gone are the "Tommes", "Goat Camembert", and "Halloumi". I'll save the big reveal for now but it'll roll out shortly!
Thanks all!

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