Our store which is a co-venture with Evelynn’s crackers, located in liberty village at 125 Jefferson Ave is fully operational with updated hours! Come visit us Wednesday-Friday from 10am-5pm and try our incredible grilled cheese made from our creamy, sharp cows milk cheddar and sourdough bread from Robinson’s Bakery. 

We’ve got lots of cheese as well as meat from a Mennonite farmer local to our dairy in Stratford, frozen soups, apple butter, stirring creamery butter, crackers, granola, cold brew, espresso based coffees, kombucha, tea and lots of  fresh bread and baked goods like rhubarb pop tarts, buckwheat brownies, spelt blondies (very addicting), pound cakes, ginger molasses and oatmeal raisin cookies plus more! Soon we’ll also have Water Buffalo ice cream which can be served on its own or affogato style with espresso poured over top!


  • Do you have a list for individual shopping? I could have it delivered to my sister in Dundas. I only see the restaurant/wholesale list. Please assist?

    Dawn Yager
  • Hello! Is your store in Toronto still open and can our Monforte dollars be used there? :) Thanks!

  • As someone who supports Monforte and does not live in the area, it would be helpful to know in which city/town one would find 125 Jefferson Ave.

    Kathryn Weston

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